Short explanation about why you can work with us and our philosophy and aims.

According to our working procedure and philosophy everything begins with a pallet, deck o packaging to manufacture. With this information, as well as daily production and mass-produce routine, we design the most useful line for each costumer

Manufacture lines from Macdel are made by modules. According to the pallet, deck or packaging costumer type, we design the line with several numbers of modules. Our lines are designed with modules to cut corners, turn over the pallet, mark, nesting stackers…

For that reason, if customer’s needs change in the future the line can be redesigned. We can add or take out modules in order to adapt the line to the new needs of the costumer.

In Macdel we are aware of the economic effort that is entailed by machinery acquisition. That’s why we sometimes advice our customers to buy only some modules from the line and make the rest of the investment in the future. Our aim is not only to meet our customer production needs, but also the economic ones too.

Each customer it is not different by its production routines, but investment capacity too.